Claremont is emerging as an important center of commerce in New England. Building on its historic architecture, contemporary adaptive reuse is re-energizing the City Center. Claremont is home to precision technology and fine home and cabinetry manufacturing among many other businesses in the industrial lands surrounding the Connecticut River. Abundant land, a good transportation and broadband network, and much capacity in its infrastructure have made Claremont a true land of opportunity for companies looking to locate or expand in New Hampshire. #ClaremontMeansBusiness!

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Located in the heart of the Connecticut River Valley, the Claremont area offers you a year round array of recreational and leisure activities.
Volunteers for Claremont CleanUp Day
Claremont Clean-Up Day was a great success! Thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors who participated!
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Claremont even has its own downhill ski area. Arrowhead Recreation Area is a perfect choice skiing, riding, sliding, skating, mountain biking.
ourhandsthenandnow\" was commissioned by the 250th Anniversary Committee to celebrate the City's biggest birthday yet. Claremont resident Ernest Montenegro designed the 50+ foot steel sculpture, which was fabricated with the help of the CANAM Group


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